About the inkunzi table tennis blades 

We produce unique rackets suitable for different playing styles for table tennis players. Due to the use of natural trees, we can produce rackets with different vibrations and precision. This production model provides us with a very wide range of production, we also talk about the rackets and handle options that suit our customers' desired play style and produce personalized rackets, which makes us the coolest and happiest racket manufacturer in the world.

The Trees We Use

We use natural trees in all the rackets we produce, for example, we use a walnut tree, not a painted tree in the appearance of a walnut tree, which results in the obvious reflection of the different properties of the trees on the game.

Pressing and Adhesives

We adjust the pressing time and the proportions of the adhesive used according to the characteristics of the wood used in each racket and the properties that affect the game such as vibration and strength.

Customized Production

Our production philosophy is to produce ready-made rackets suitable for classic game combinations and to produce personalized rackets.

We use natural varnishes that are compatible with water-based adhesives.

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Our brand name inkunzi means bull in the language of the zulu tribe, an African tribe, and the logo is created from the silhouette of a racket inside a bull's head.