About the table tennis blades we produce

The blades we produce are based on body combinations of the most preferred models in the history of table tennis and small changes can be made on these models according to the customer's request (stiffness, balance, speed, head size, weight, handle type, layers, control)

Some well-known layer of good brands

Butterfly        Gergely            Hinoki    Carbon   Balsa      Carbon        Hinoki


Butterfly        Schlager Carbon           Hinoki    Carbon   Kiri        Carbon   Hinoki


Donic     Waldner Senso Carbon      Limba     Ayous     Carbon   Ayous        Carbon   Ayous     Limba


Joola      Rosskopf Emotion              Hinoki    Koto       Carbon   Ayous        Carbon   Koto       Hinoki

Nittaku  Acoustic Carbon Inner                 Limba     Limba        Carbon   Tung       Carbon   Limba     Limba


Stiga       Allround Classic Carbon      Limba     Ayous        Carbon   Ayous     Carbon   Ayous     Limba


Tibhar    Samsonov Carbon        Ayous     Carbon   Ayous        Ayous     Ayous     Carbon   Ayous                                                      

Timo Boll ZLC : koto - zlc - limba - kiri - limba - zlc - koto


Viscaria : koto - alc - balsa - alc - koto


Stiga Clipper : limba - ayous - ayous - ayous - ayous - ayous - limba


Stiga Rosewood NCT V : rosewood - spruce - ayous - spruce - rosewood


Nittaku Wang Nan : koto - spruce - ayous - spruce - koto


Nittaku Violin : white ash - white ash - kiri - white ash - white ash

Tibhar Samsonov Alpha : limba - ayous - koto - ayous - limba


AndroC. Suss Hinoki ALL+ : hinoki - ayous - ayous - ayous - hinoki

Adhesives we use

        While determining the adhesive we used, we examined the scientific publications of many universities in the world on the subject, and we selected the ones that offer the best results for blade production, made blades from them and inspected these blades for professional players.        As a result, we came to the conclusion that it is best to use different adhesives depending on the layer information of the blade and whether it is composite or wood.After these studies, we got great results in the tests (strength tests, durability tests and boiling in water tests).

Pressing process

Since we realized that the pressing process, which we can count as a part of the bonding process, is as important as the adhesive used, we have made an intense archive scan on this subject.This process, which started with the drying processes of the tree, gave the best results after a sudden cooling after the adhesive was applied and then waiting at least one day in the press again.As a result, we have learned the most suitable process for blade making.As a result of the comparative tests we have done so far, we can say that we have reached the standards of quality brands.I can say that we are in a continuous research and development on this subject in order to increase our quality.                                                                                             The types of wood we use in blade bodies.                                                                                        as inner core (Ayous''abachi'' , kiri ,balsa ,spruce, limba ,tung tree )                                            as outer layer (ayous, limba,ash wood,mahogany ,cherry wood,hinoki,cypress,rosewood,walnut)                      composites we use (alc-arylate                                 carbon,zlc- zylon carbon
         zlf -zylon fiber                                                       ulc = uniaxial light carbon                                      g-carbon )

             Handles                                                                       We balance the handles (wrb ,weight ratio balance) because this process seriously affects the center of gravity, weight and the acoustics of the racket.

            We send original handle designs we produce to our customers via WhatsApp.

            We do not paint the handles, the colors are all the natural color of the trees.                                          We make the selected design in the desired style (Anatomical ,Straight, Concave, Flared, Conical, Curved )                                                                   or we want our customer to send their original design                                                                         If desired we can laser print the customer's name or any logo on the handle.

            Polishing                                                                    After trying a lot of varnish, we found that natural polishes produced by a German brand are very suitable for this job.(Because of its best compatibility with water-based adhesives and minimizing the effects of the blade with air)

                                                                                                  Free shipping

           We can send our products to all over the world with FedEx and ups we have contracted.

                                                                                               Brand name and logo                                                 '' inkunzi ''  means bull in the language of the zulu tribe of africa so our logo is like a blade inside a bull's head.The bull's two horns symbolize forehand and backhand strokes