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Welcome to Inkunzi Blades! We're passionate about creating top-quality table tennis blades that elevate your game.

From the age of six, table tennis has been my passion. Now, as a carpenter dedicated solely to crafting these blades, my life revolves around them.

What sets us apart? Our focus on innovation and personalized design. We pride ourselves on developing new techniques, like the Inkunzi Cut and HCT, to push the boundaries of blade performance.

Furthermore, we take hands-on control of every aspect, even producing our own adhesive and polish. This ensures that each blade meets our exacting standards of quality.

Whether you prefer a defensive strategy or an aggressive approach, our blades are tailored to suit your playing style.

Join us on the journey to improving your game. Let's work together to unlock your potential and reach new heights in table tennis mastery!

TEST                                                                    "The player in the black t- shirt is me."

"Customize Your Game: Personalized Blade Options"

Inkunzi Workshop, we offer personalized blade options tailored to your preferences. Choose from various body sizes and handle options to find the perfect fit for your playing style. Elevate your game with a racket designed uniquely for you. 

some body shape options

some handle shape options



"This mobile phone number is also my number for any inquiries or to discuss getting your personalized blade made. Below is the price range according to the features of the desired blade. The prices include shipping and taxes."

Price List for custom blades

Wooden  $70 - $100

Glass Fibre  $80 - $110

Basalt Carbon  $90 - $120

Carbon  $100 - $135

ZLC  $130 - $150

SZLC  $150 - $200

3-7 workdays delivery time all over the world

Free Engraving

The Story Behind Our Logo: Inkunzi

Our logo, Inkunzi, takes its name from the ( african tribe ) Zulu word for "bull." It's a symbol of strength and determination, echoing the power of this iconic animal. With the shape of a table tennis racket nestled within, our logo represents the fusion of tradition and sport. Join us on the journey to elevate your game.

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