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         Greetings to everyone, my name is Nedim Garip. I'm the carpenter  who makes the Inkunzi handmade table tennis blades. I am also a professional table tennis player. If you want a personalized blade, do not hesitate to contact with me.                                                              Inkunzi means bull in the zulu tribe of africa. That's why the logo consists of a table tennis racket inside a bull's head. Thanks Nedim. Love.

Black t-shirt guy is me


Price List for custom blades

Wooden  $70 - $100

All body combinations, any type of wood ( Limba ,hinoki , ayous , walnut , kiri , mahogany , rosewood .... ) and any composite material ( Alc , zlc glass fiber , carbon , basalt carbon , kevlar etc ) and blade of desired size and quality are possible.

Free Shipping

4-6 workdays delivery time all over the world

Glass Fibre  $80 - $110

Basalt Carbon  $90 - $120

Free Engraving

Carbon  $100 - $135

ZLC  $130 - $150

SZLC  $150 - $200





or you can write in the chat section of the website

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