Hello to everyone, my name is Nedim Garip, I am the one who makes the inkunzi table tennis blades. I thought of this idea 10 years ago and I thought it would be nice to make blades from natural trees (it's not a good idea when I think about it now : ) If I had known that big companies were so dominant, I would not have entered this business : ) I am kidding......Anyway, life happens once. Actually, I am a player who has been playing table tennis since I was 6 years old. My first blade was an old Gergely  but for some reason I liked my father's blade more (my father was a table tennis player and he had an old Stiga). I can say that I have been interested in woodworking since then. For some reason, I also think that one should love one's racket (it may sound silly, but I think so) And I have been making table tennis blades in my workshop for about ten years. If you want a nice blade that you can love, I would love to make it for sure. I can say that there are almost no blade that I can't make in blade bodies (including one-ply  3, 5, 7, 9 layers of wood and lots of carbon species glass fiber alc or zlc layers) I'm playing with a 5 layer carbon blade right now. When I first started playing with Sriver rubbers - they were very popular at that time - then I played with different rubbers of many brands. I was playing with Tenergy 05s until the last 3 years ago, now these rubbers seem a little fast to me, nowadays I play with Stiga Mantra. I will add a short training video with a friend here, you can watch how I play. At the moment I do not play for any club, but I still try to train once or twice a week. (I don't believe that people who love to play table tennis can quit this sport: ) For your custom blade orders, you can write to me without hesitation on whatsapp. I will try to make the best blade I can.  Generally, it takes 3-4 days to finish a blade. The shipping time takes between 5-8 days.  I work with UPS and Fedex, wherever you are in the world, you will receive the blade within 5-8 days at the latest, I will write you the shipping id number on whatsapp. I can say that the prices vary between $85 and $135, these prices are including shipping. Since I make between 20 and 50 blades per month on average so the brand is not a big brand, but I can guarantee you will like it. By the way, let me answer a frequently asked question, yes, you can play official matches with handmade blades, ittf approval is only available for rubbers. Greetings to all my table tennis player friends anywhere in the world. \\\\by the way sorry for my english i hope my english teacher doesn't read this article \\\  Have a nice day. Thanks Nedim

Black t shirt guy is me

Some of my works

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inkunzi means bull in Zulu language  (an African tribe) The logo consists of a racket figure inside a bull's head.


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